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A Full Body Lift Can Address Excess Skin in Multiple Areas for Dramatic Results

Dr. Leif Nordberg can perform a full body lift at his Fayetteville, NC , practice to dramatically improve your figure and confidence in your appearance. A full lift can combine multiple body contouring procedures into a cohesive treatment plan. This allows Dr. Nordberg to address several areas at once and provide you with more comprehensive results. A full body lift can remove loose, sagging, excess skin, and is especially effective for patients who have undergone massive weight loss . Dr. Nordberg has extensive experience performing these types of procedures and will use his artistic eye to ensure your results look beautiful and completely natural. 

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What is a Full Body Lift?

A body lift procedure eliminates excess skin and fat from a targeted area of the body. A full body lift can combine an upper body lift, mid body lift, or a lower body lift to achieve a slimmer figure overall:

  • An upper body lift can address the upper arms, breasts , or upper back
  • A mid body lift focuses on the abdominal area
  • A lower body lift can address the buttocks and thighs

Body lift procedures are extremely effective for patients whose skin has lost elasticity due to age, pregnancy, and weight loss.

By combining multiple procedures into a single treatment, you can expect to enjoy a dramatic transformation in your appearance. Your body will be slimmer overall so your clothes will fit better, exercise may become more enjoyable, and you will likely see a boost in your self-confidence.

The Surgical Procedure

During a consultation with Dr. Nordberg , he will discuss your treatment goals and carefully evaluate your specific areas of concern. He will make body contouring recommendations based on your desired results and develop your personalized treatment plan. While some combinations of procedures can be performed at the same time, others may require separate surgeries to reduce risks and ensure you heal properly.

Dr. Nordberg has extensive experience in body lift procedures and will use his artistic eye to ensure your results look beautiful and completely natural.

A full body lift can take as little as four hours or up to seven hours or more. The exact length of surgery will largely depend on the specific procedures Dr. Nordberg performs and the extent of work required. Body lifts are considered major surgery and are performed under general anesthesia. Recovery times also vary based on the procedures included in your full body lift and your body ’s overall ability to heal. In general, you can expect your recovery period to last four to eight weeks. You will experience some pain, bruising, and swelling at the incision sites for a week or more following surgery.

Are You a Candidate for a Full Body Lift?

A full body lift is a good option if you have sagging, excess skin in multiple areas of the body that cannot be addressed with a single lift procedure. It is especially useful if you have lost a significant amount of weight due to bariatric surgery or other methods of weight loss.

It is important that you can maintain a stable weight and that you are in good health overall. We recommend patients quit smoking and minimize alcohol consumption prior to surgery to improve the recovery period.

Schedule Your Consultation with Dr. Nordberg

Nr. Nordberg has the experience necessary to help you look your best. If you are considering a fully body lift, contact our office today to schedule your consultation .

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