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Liposuction Can Define Your Shape and Improve Your Contours

Despite your best efforts with diet and exercise , you may be struggling to achieve the figure you desire. 

Dr. Leif Nordberg in Fayetteville, NC , can perform liposuction to remove stubborn fat from problem areas such as your upper arms, thighs, and abdomen.

Why is liposuction such a popular treatment?

Top Three Benefits of Liposuction

See Fast Results  

Dieting and exercise can take months to have any effect and in some cases, fail to provide any significant change. In contrast, liposuction provides nearly immediate results .

Refine Your Figure

Once the full effects of your liposuction treatment are apparent, you can maintain your refined figure by exercising and continuing to stay at a healthy weight .

Enjoy Permanent Effects

Genetics, aging, weight fluctuations, and pregnancy can substantially change your physique. For some patients, surgery provides the only real and lasting solution .

What Happens during the Procedure?

Photo of woman holding her legsLiposuction highlights your natural contours and improves your figure with smoothing and reshaping techniques. The body contains a set number of fat cells, which grow or shrink as you gain or lose weight. Liposuction actually removes fat cells from specific areas so that whether you gain or lose weight after the procedure, the treated areas will remain smooth and well contoured.

illustration of liposuction

Dr. Leif Nordberg has provided unparalleled results in liposuction to his patients for years and has the skill to make your experience at Nordberg Plastic Surgery unforgettable. Please call us at (910)829-6588 for more information about the procedure or if you have any questions. We welcome patients from throughout Fairfield County.

Understanding the Procedure

Dr. Nordberg is highly skilled at strategically placing incisions to optimize your body ’s contours while minimizing visible scarring. Liposuction is a straightforward procedure that is performed in our office while the patient is under a local anesthetic. Designed to permanently reshape your body, liposuction removes the extra bulk of the fatty layer beneath the skin and allows the skin to gradually contract, forming to your smaller figure.

illustration of fat transfer procedure illustration of fatt transfer to butt

Dr. Nordberg will make a discreet incision through which he will gently break up and suction excess fat deposits. The incision is then closed and the procedure is complete. In addition to the immediate results you will see after the surgery, for six to twelve months after surgery, your skin will continue to tighten, providing you with gradual improvements as well.

Full recovery usually takes a few weeks, during which you will wear post-operative bandages. Swelling and tenderness will occur but should subside quickly. Dr. Nordberg will have you return for a post-operative checkup to make sure your healing process is going well.


Dr. Nordberg goes to great lengths to examine each of his patients to determine whether liposuction is right for them. Liposuction is a fairly extensive medical procedure, and it is important to be in generally good health and have realistic expectations of the results. The best liposuction candidates at our Fayetteville, NC, office have localized deposits of fat in their neck, arms, thighs, or abdomen. Resistant to the effects of diet and exercise, these deposits are often genetic. Firm, elastic skin will improve the overall result, as the tightening of skin is an effect that refines the look.

illustration of liposuction before and after

If you suffer from diabetes, circulatory problems, or lung or heart disease, liposuction may not be an option. There are a number of conditions that may disqualify you from undergoing liposuction, so consulting with our plastic surgeon, Dr. Nordberg, is the best way to establish your candidacy.

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