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Liposuction Can Define Your Shape and Improve Your Contours

The abdomen is notoriouslydifficult to sculpt . If you are struggling to lose stubborn fat in this area, you may feel helpless and frustrated .

A tummy tuck , or abdominoplasty, is designed to tighten and tone your abdomen for a more flattering waistline . Dr. Leif Nordberg performs  traditional and mini tummy tucks at his Fayetteville, NC , office in Cumberland County. 

How does a tummy tuck work?

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Tummy Tucks Are Extremely Popular...

Photo of a woman's somtachWhen a person ’s weight fluctuates or a woman ’s body changes after having children, excess abdominal skin, stretch marks, extra tissue, and muscle weakness can result. Abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, is a procedure that reshapes the abdomen by removing excess skin and fat and tightening the abdominal muscles. One of the most powerful techniques in plastic surgery today, tummy tuck provides patients with a slimmer and more youthful profile.

Dr. Leif Nordberg has performed numerous tummy tuck procedures at his Fayetteville office and has the experience necessary to provide you with the best results. Dr. Nordberg will take your concerns very seriously and is committed to ensuring that his patients are fully educated about the surgeries he performs. He will listen intently to your requests and work hard to achieve the results you ’re looking for. If you have any questions or wish to schedule a consultation, please contact our Fayetteville office .

About the Procedure

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When the abdominal muscles stretch apart, a person ’s profile takes on a protuberant appearance. Tummy tuck can be the ultimate solution to extra, sagging skin and weak abdominal muscles because it involves a two-layer approach that provides much more comprehensive results. The surgery removes the excess skin and fat as well as tightens the abdominal muscles to produce a slimmer contour.

Tummy tuck incisions are made low on the abdomen so they can be hidden by most underwear and bikini styles. An additional small incision is made around the belly button. Once the surgery is complete, drains will be put in place, and the patient will be asked to wear a post-operative garment for about three weeks. Discomfort and mild bruising and swelling may occur and last between one and two weeks, but heavy lifting and strenuous exercise won ’t be possible for four to six weeks. If you follow the post-operative care instructions closely, your careful attention will be rewarded with tremendous results.

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One of the popular tummy tuck options at our Fayetteville office combines the procedure with a breast lift, saline or silicone  breast implants , or a breast reduction for a “mommy makeover.”The pairing of the two can allow women to recapture their pre-pregnancy bodies, leaving them feeling young and beautiful. See our blog for an inspirational story about one of our patients whose life changed dramatically after having the "mommy makeover ".

Liposuction can be performed with a tummy tuck to improve the waist line, thighs, back, arms, and/or buttocks. Dr. Nordberg also performs a lipoabdominoplasty much like what is done in Brazil for women seeking a tummy tuck. The lipoabdominoplasty involves less skin undermining but more aggressive liposuction of the upper abdomen for appropriate patients. 

A mini-abdominoplasty utilizes a smaller incision or no muscle tightening to achieve improvement in the contour of the abdomen. Patients with mild skin excess or those with good muscle tone may be candidates for this less invasive procedure.


The tummy tuck procedure is suited for both men and women who are in generally good health. Not to be confused with liposuction , which removes fat deposits, tummy tuck removes excess skin. However, Dr. Nordberg may suggest that you combine these procedures for optimum results. Tummy tuck is designed to help both women whose pregnancies have stretched their muscles and skin and previously obese men and women who have lost a lot of weight.

For those still hoping to lose more weight or women who are planning to have more children, postponing your tummy tuck may be advised.

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