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Enhance the Balance and Proportion of Your Ears with Otoplasty Surgery

We often see patients who are unhappy with the size, shape, or appearance of their ears. Their concern may be that their ears are too big, protrude outward more than they should, or are asymmetrical and do not match each other. Children may be teased about their appearance and adults will often make a great effort to hide their ears beneath their hair or by wearing hats. Fortunately, Dr. Leif Nordberg offers otoplasty to patients. This cosmetic surgical procedure can reshape and refine the appearance of the ears, as well as address conditions like "cauliflower ear "and overly large or stretched earlobes. Altering the ears can have a dramatic effect on a patient 's overall appearance and give their confidence a substantial boost. If you are concerned with the size, shape, or protrusion of your ears, please call our office at (910)829-6588 to make an appointment with Dr. Nordberg.

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The Ear Reshaping Procedure

Otoplasty can be individually tailored to alter the size, shape, and orientation of the ears. The surgery typically involves a small incision behind the ear which allows Dr. Nordberg access to the underlying cartilage and tissue. He will then reshape the cartilage to create a more aesthetically pleasing appearance and remove any excess skin. Once the adjustments are complete, he will close the incision with sutures. The entire procedure can be completed in one to two hours and is typically performed under local anesthesia and sedation (or general anesthesia for children).

Ear Pinning Surgery

If you are satisfied with the size and shape of your ears but are concerned with how far they stick out, Dr. Nordberg may recommend a type of otoplasty known as ear pinning. This type of surgery allows Dr. Nordberg to reposition each ear so that it lies closer to the head. Depending on the amount of correction that is required, Dr. Nordberg will choose between different techniques to alter the ears. Cartilage scoring involves manipulating, adding, or removing tissue, while cartilage sparing techniques use only sutures to change the ears 'alignment.

Reconstructive Ear Surgery

For patients with deformities or injuries to their ears, reconstructive otoplasty combines multiple surgical techniques to recreate the appearance of a natural ear. If there is not enough natural tissue in place, Dr. Nordberg can take cartilage from the patient 's ribs or other area of the body to augment the ear and use skin grafts to complete the surgery.

Ear Reduction Surgery

If you are worried that your ears are too large or asymmetrical, or your earlobes dangle too low, you may be a good candidate for a reduction surgery. This type of otoplasty is commonly used to reduce the size of ears or repair earlobes that have become stretched out or torn from wearing heavy earrings. Dr. Nordberg will remove excess skin and reshape the cartilage to provide a balanced look between both ears.

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