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Brow lift surgery elevates sagging eyebrows and removes wrinkles of the forehead and glabella (space between the eyebrows). The eyes suddenly appear awake, open, and vibrant. Typical aging of the brow leads to sagging skin, wrinkles of the forehead and glabella, flattening of the eyebrows, and the appearance of excess skin of the upper eyelids. This is caused by chronic elevation of the eyebrows during facial expression as well as the effects of sun. Flattening of the eyebrows can make you look angry, tired, or aged. A well-designed brow lift will resuspend the tissues giving a more youthful curvature to the female brow, remove wrinkles, and improve the upper eyelid appearance. 

A youthful female eyebrow is curved, arching to its peak about two-thirds of the way toward the outside of the brow and then gently dropping back down. This shape is sought during a brow lift. The male brow, on the other hand, is more flat, and this must be taken into consideration during the procedure. I sit my patients upright during the surgery to assess for brow position, shape, and symmetry. Attention to such detail makes the difference between a good and a great result.

illustration of brow lift techniques

A brow lift is performed through a scalp incision. The soft tissues are released, allowing the aesthetic surgeon to address dominant wrinkles and then resuspend the soft tissues in a way that makes the eyebrow and upper eyelids look younger and more rested. Stitches are placed that are typically removed at two weeks following surgery. A gauze wrap of the head is placed and removed the following morning. The recovery includes bruising and swelling for about two weeks. A brow lift is an excellent procedure designed to reshape and reposition the forehead, brows, and upper eyelids.

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